How To Raise Cash For Christmas

How To Raise Cash For Christmas




How selling your old mobile phone online is a quick way of generating some money for Christmas compared to selling privately, and how it helps the environment.

Selling your old phone may be more lucrative than you think

Perhaps you’re looking to generate a little extra money to help with the Christmas expenses, or you’ve got your eyes on a new, or nearly new, smartphone or other device as a pressie to yourself. In assessing ways of generating the money to help finance a new phone, don’t overlook the potential gains to be made selling your old phone or maybe one you’ve got lying around from a few years back.

You may feel the hassle of putting an old phone on eBay and paying listing and selling fees not worth it, or perhaps the thought of putting an ad on Gumtree and then fielding enquiries doesn’t appeal. An alternative method is via a specialist online buyer who makes it easy, straightforward and quick to sell your old mobile phones.

Online phone buyers

These specialist companies buy mobile phones and sometimes other portable tech such as tablets and smart watches. Without having to visit a premises or even send photos in of your phone, you can find out how much you’ll be paid for it – and on the day your phone arrives with them they’ll pay for it straight into your bank account.

It’s ideal and very quick, and means you’ll know instantly how much you could expect to make.

How it works

The easy steps to take in selling your phone online:

First – visit the phone buying company’s website and look up your phone model and basic specification such as storage capacity.

Answer a few basic questions as to its condition; whether it works properly, if it has a cracked screen and so forth. Once you’ve completed this – a process that takes a couple of minutes at most – you’ll see the price offered on the screen.

Second – if you’re happy with the price, you press ‘sell your phone’ or similar and you’re taken to an online form to complete your details.

Third – the phone buyer will send out a mailing pack or just a prepaid mailing label so you can send your phone in. Some offer print at home facilities so you can speed up the process by running off the postage labels.

Fourth – when the company receives your phone they’ll pay you within a matter of hours; usually the same day.

That’s it – your phone is off your hands and the money is safely in your bank account.

Data removal

Obviously, you want to ensure your phone is clear of data; if you’re not sure how to do this yourself, some online companies will have an online data removal tool you can use to ‘wipe’ your phone before sending it in.

Ensure the SIM card has been removed and the phone is disconnected from specific services such as iCloud in the case of the iPhone.

Damaged phones

Some online phone buyers will accept damaged phones as they have the facilities to repair and refurbish them – or they contract it out to others who can.

When you’re at step two above your price will be based on whether it has a cracked screen or other fault you’ve mentioned when answering the ‘condition’ questions.

How old can the phone be?

Many online buyers will offer money for phones going back a good few years. For example, some will offer to buy phones as old as Apple’s iPhone 4 from 2010.

If your phone is too old for an online buyer to make an offer, then it’s likely not going to fetch much elsewhere so why not donate it? Many charities take old phones for recycling and make some money for themselves; perhaps your favourite charity does. Visit their website to see if this is the case or go here to see what charities are involved in recycling old electrical items such as phones.

Using a reputable company

Naturally you’ll be seeking reassurance the company you deal with is trustworthy since you’re sending them your old phone before payment is received. Testimonials are a great way of getting reassurance; some companies will have testimonials from previous customers on their website and may also link to feedback specialists such as Trust Pilot.

Accessories and charger

If you’ve mislaid the original box your phone came in, or one or two accessories are missing such as earbuds, don’t worry as it’s likely the online phone buyer won’t require these.

Environmentally friendly

A major problem with the increased use and high turnover of electrical devices is the amount that end up in landfill – a great shame as around 80% of a mobile is recyclable. Mobile phone and other device buyers fulfil a key role in ensuring older equipment is reused or, if it’s too damaged or faulty to refurbish, that certain components and materials used in its construction are repurposed instead of being thrown away.

So by selling your old phone you’re saving for Christmas and saving the planet.

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