How to Get Antivirus on Your Phone for Free

How to Get Antivirus on Your Phone for Free



Nothing’s better than saving a dollar when it comes to getting the things you need. This is especially true if you’re a techie who’s always attached to your mobile device. When it comes to modern technology, it seems like software, accessories and even some applications can cost you an arm and a leg. That’s why when it comes to finding a good antivirus app to protect your expensive smartphone with is even better when that app happens to be free.

AVG AntiVirus is a completely free mobile antivirus solution that handles common viruses and malware without a struggle while you take care of business, and can be used anytime, anywhere for the most convenience possible. Once you’ve downloaded AVG through GooglePlay, you’ll experience a whole litany of helpful security measures, such as:

  • The ability to avoid common online virus traps by scanning webpages you’re visiting and redirecting you to a safe page if malicious content is detected.
  • Scanning your Wi-Fi networks for potential issues with encryption and other threats that give criminals access to your information.
  • Anti-theft measures that keep your phone and its information safe if you happen to be the victim of theft while on the move.

As for how to get AVG AntiVirus on your phone, it’s as simple as searching for the application in the Google Play store and hitting the download or install option. Assuming you have enough available space on your device, the free antivirus app will begin its quick and easy download and install process. After this, you’ll be able to access AVG and its many amazing features, which are all designed to make your life easier and the information in your device more secure.

Regardless of whether you’re worried about viruses, theft, or are simply looking for a way to enhance your phone’s privacy, AVG has everything you need and more to make your smartphone experience simply awesome.

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