Harald Seiz and Karatbars International: Gold: Rare And Indispensable

Harald Seiz and Karatbars International: Gold: Rare And Indispensable

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Making an investment is all about staking a certain amount of money with the expectation that it will yield more earnings in the future. In order to fulfill this expectation, an investment must be reliable and stable, despite what conditions may exist externally. As many investors continue to learn, paper does not provide an adequate enough investment to be labeled as reliable or stable. Paper is too dependent upon the conditions of the economy and stock markets to remain valuable for a long enough period to yield any sort of decent return to investors. Gold, on the other hand, surpasses paper in all of its shortcomings. This precious metal is rare enough to remain valuable throughout the continuous economic droughts that local and global economies suffer through. The rarity and stability of this precious metal makes it an indispensable asset upon which investors can rely on to yield excellent returns.

Harald Seiz understands the rare and indispensable nature of gold. In fact, he sees this metal as the best opportunity for everyone to protect themselves financially. More specifically, Seiz champions purchasing this metal in smaller quantities through the likes of gold-bars or gold-bullion products. His mission is to provide all individuals with the opportunity to invest in this rare and valuable asset in order to escape the constant unpredictability of the economy. With over three decades of experience in the financial sector, Harald Seiz understands how demoralizing relying on the stock markets can be for investors. Seiz began his career in the financial industry as an apprentice before being hired as an independent advisor for various companies. He then continued on to build his own company.

Harald Seiz founded Karatbars International GmbH in 2011

Harald Seiz is the founder and CEO of Karatbars International. He established the company in 2011 in order to help fulfill his mission to provide everyone with access to affordable gold assets. Karatbars International focuses on offering their clients a wide range of selections of small gold-bars and other gold-bullion products. They are headquartered in Stuttgart, Germany where all of their major operations are fulfilled. All products are organized and shipped from this location via FedEx mail. Additionally, all customer care and support is conducted from their facilities in Stuttgart. The team at Karatbars International works directly with their customers to offer them quality service and insight into the world of investing in precious metals. Following the lead of their CEO, the dedicated team wants to help clients invest in this rare and indispensable item.

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