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Welcome to Frugally Happy!

My name is Leyna, and I started this blog to help others become debt free.

Whilst at university I struggled to lead the same life as my housemates.  They all received larger student loans than I did and received help from their parents.

Unfortunately because I wanted to live the same lifestyle as them I plunged into debt :)

A short while after leaving university I did some research on the internet and found some finance sites with tips on how to cut back on spending.  I picked up lots of helpful tips which ensured I lived within affordable means.  After 12 months of being frugal and wise with my spending I became debt free!

Because I know how easy it is to go into debt and be affected by outside influences I wanted to help people and share tips on how to get out of the debt rut.  I hope you all find the information really helpful to become debt free and happy!

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  1. Lynn Unsworth April 9, 2015 at 7:33 pm

    Very interesting Leyna! Thank you.

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